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Initial consultation is free.(including refraction , topography, pachymetry and pupillometry).
LASIK (Lasik Assisted In situ Keratomileusis) per eye (Myopia ) Short sight (Hyperopia)(Long sight) £495.00 £595.00
LASIK with Iris tracking
per eye
(Myopia ) Short sight (Hyperopia)(Long sight) Cross Cylinder £800.00 £1000.00 £1190.00
Monovision per eye Myopia
£900.00 £1100.00
WaveFront Custom Ablation/Tissue
Saving per eye
WaveFront Custom Ablation/Tissue Saving-Mono Vision per eye   £1290.00
LASEK (Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis) per eye   £900.00
LASEK/Tissue Saving   £1290.00
Refractive Lens Exchange
per eye
  From £1500.00
Cataract per eye   From £1500.00
Please note if only one eye(single Surgery) additional Fee £100.00
Charges may vary depending upon each patient's refractive error (level of short/long sight and astigmatism).
Post- operative visits:
First Visit next day- no charge
Second visit at three months- £20
Third visit at one year and subsequent annual visits £30
Any enhancement required (which will be only at the discretion of the surgeon) will be charged. Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the management.