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The MDA Clinic Research and Development Annual Eye Surgery Update

Advisory Council:

President: Mr A M Peter Hamilton

Members: Professor Parveen Kumar, Professor David Owens, Professor John Marshall, Professor Harminder Dua, Professor Keith Meek,
Mr A G Karseras, Dr M J Khatib, Mr H A Khatib.

Synopsis for the MDA Clinic Eye Surgery Update on 27th March 2009

The Symposium was attended by around 150 professionals working in the ophthalmic area of medicine.

Once again a very high standard of presentations were given.

In the first session the basic principles of Ocular Coherent Tomography imaging of the Anterior segment was given by Mr Parwez Hossain.

The second lecture involved an excellent presentation by Mr Ansari on the Basic principles of HRT imaging. 

In the Second Session a Workshop of Common Corneal Procedures such as Corneal Scrapes and Biopsies, Corneal Gluing, Anterior Stromal Puncture, Alcohol Delamination of the Corneal Epithelium and the Management of Corneal Vascularization were all covered by first class speakers, including Professor Harminder Dua, Mr Imran Rahman and Mr Sanjay Mantry.

Session three embraced Microwave Surgery by Professor Marshall and Stem Cell Transplant Status for corneal conditions by Professor Dua

This was followed in Session four by the Amniotic Membrane Transplant Experience of Professor Dua and an outline of treatments for A.R.M.D with modern therapy was given by Mr Robin Hamilton

The complexities of the Genetics of Glaucoma was addressed by Mr Adam Booth.

The Symposium was wound up by the MDA Annual Lecture given by Mr Richard Keeler who gave a fascinating talk on the history of ophthalmic examination and discovery of new methods of use to the ophthalmology of the day.

Brilliant men of the past were recognised for their ingenuity and originality in evolving methods of examination of the eye.