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Athar Khatib came to Wales
in 1975 having completed
his postgraduate
qualifications in
Ophthalmology from
Mumbai, India
Your eye works by
creating an image on a
light- sensitive layer of
cells called the retina. In
a normal eye, the incoming
light is first refracted
The MDA Clinic will give
you a free initial consultation,
to assess your suitability.
The MDA Clinic was established 9 years ago in Cardiff. Using state of the art technology, the MDA Clinic offers a new life to people with sight problems. Millions of people worldwide have been treated with refractive surgery. It has been proven to be safe, effective and convenient. The MDA Clinic offers a unique opportunity for the people of Wales to have their treatment carried out by an experienced consultant, who is contactable 24 hours a day if people experience problems postoperatively. | more